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16 May 2021

Tragedy and Trust: Experiencing the Death of a Child and the Faithfulness of God

After the funeral and commotion calmed down, we were left to deal with our loss and grief.  We had the impossible task of finding a way to live without our 7 year old daughter, Amanda.  We were...
16 May 2021

Faith to Go: Joy Made Complete in Community

David and Charlette discuss Jesus’ parting words to his disciples from this week’s gospel, the implications for our spiritual lives, and what conversations at home will be like based on these...
16 May 2021

Popping Collars: Mental Health

A conversation about portrayals of Mental Health in Pop Culture  
16 May 2021

2FAB: Wives of the Continental Reformers

A look at some fierce women of faith who got overshadowed  
16 May 2021

Subversive Undercroft #198: The Word is Love

We get into Jesus’ words (commands, advice?) to his followers plus we talk about what, if any, beliefs are needed to be Episcopalian and more on our new favorite TV show. Notes Episcopal...


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