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15 October 2021

Climate Change: Real Consequences for Real People

By Rob Hogg Climate change is not an abstraction. It has real consequences for real people. Over the last two decades, Iowa has suffered multiple unprecedented extreme weather events. On...
15 October 2021

Backpacking with Teresa

Backpacking with Teresa Since Teresa of Avila came from the upper class of 16th century Spain, her life and spiritual understanding of God was highly infused by her own local context. In her most...
15 October 2021

Bishop bestows blessing on solar panels

On the far side of the parking lot, adjacent the steeply pitched roof of the parish hall rested a bucket truck with its hydraulic boom resting on the pavement. In the bucket stood an operator and...
14 October 2021

Former Bishop of Rochester (CoE) swims the Tiber

Image: Nazir-Ali speaking at Gafcon 2019 Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali, former Anglican Bishop of Rochester, has joined the Catholic Church. He joins Jonathan Goodall, the bishop of Ebbsfleet for the...
14 October 2021

A Prayer of Praise for Creation

A Prayer of Praise for Creation God of the Honey Bee, God of the Lark, God of the Aspen Grove, we join with all your creatures in a chorus of praise and worship. We are upheld by your almighty...


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