22 March 2023

Essay No. 2: Nominating committee outlines roles, functions, responsibilities of presiding bishop

English The Episcopal Church Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop (JNCPB) is continuing its work to prepare The Episcopal Church for the election of the 28th...
21 March 2023

Sacred Ground Action Group

By Julia Wight People were shocked and devastated by what was happening in this country: men and women of color murdered by police, members of a synagogue shot indiscriminately, attacks on...
21 March 2023

Climate Justice

By Aisha Heurtas In my lifelong Christian journey, I have at times been disappointed with the church. I see injustices in the world—senseless violence, racism, gender discrimination,...
21 March 2023

Behind the Book: ‘Faith, Race, and the Lost Cause’

By Christopher A. Graham The work that resulted in “Faith, Race, and the Lost Cause” began at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in 2015 after the Charleston, South Carolina, murders. St. Paul’s,...
21 March 2023

Opener for the Becoming the Beloved Community E-newsletter: March 2022

Greetings!   I am excited to embark on this sacred journey of racial justice and reconciliation with you.  We are living in challenging and dark times. The remnants of racism and slavery...


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