Our Call to remember that all that we have and all that we give comes from God.

Stewardship is grounded in our awareness of what God has done and is doing in our lives. As Rev. Kay has said,  “Generosity is about more than just survival. It’s how we participate in the divine life and come into the fullness of our being… By living with empathy, compassion, and generosity, we discover who God has called us to be. We are filled with the aliveness of the Spirit, and in turn, we help to bring others more fully to life with us. By living out this pattern, we find true contentment and peace."

We acknowledge God's generosity and in response we choose to share our gifts of time, talent, and treasure. We give thanks to God for our abundant blessings and we look to the future in hope and faith. And individually and in community we prayerfully discern what opportunities await us to be instruments of God’s love to the world.


Stewardship - Alex Edmans



We celebrate the Eucharist at:

 8am Sunday
10am Sunday
11am Thursday



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