Sandy Sutton, Sr. Warden

Administration Liaison

I was born and raised in Rochester, Michigan. I attended Albion College and Oakland University graduating with a degree in Business Management. Joanne and I were married in 1968. After graduation, I started a 22-year career in telecommunications with Michigan Bell Telephone and AT&T. In 1989 I left the corporate world to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning and operating my own company. With my wife and business partner Joanne at my side, we set out to build what became Coldwell Banker Northern Lakes, a 5-office real estate company in Northern Michigan. We both retired from real estate after 30-year careers in 2019.

I was baptized, confirmed, and married in the Episcopal Church. Raised as an Episcopalian, I have been an acolyte, a lay reader, and a LEM. I have served on Vestries, holding the positions of Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and Clerk. I have served as Chairman of a Mission and Outreach Committee and as Chair or Member of several Search Committees.

Joanne and I immediately found Emmanuel to be a warm and loving Parish family. We felt welcome from the moment we walked through the doors. For us it is a perfect fit.

It is an honor to serve on the Vestry of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. I have always felt a strong call to serve God. I am truly looking forward to this opportunity to continue serving God and serving the Parish Family of Emmanuel as a Vestry member.


Jamie MacKenzie, Junior Warden

Facilities Liaison

Jamie and his family moved from Saginaw to Harbor Springs in 1965.  After his mother, Barbara MacKenzie, married Mike Stroup at Emmanuel in 1973, he attended Petoskey High School.  He has attended Emmanuel as an occasional visitor ever since - and not just for weddings and funerals.  He graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Government in 1982.

Jamie worked for fifteen years as a professional actor and singer in Boston and New York.  He performed on Broadway in My Fair Lady with Richard Chamberlain.  In 1998, he left the theater to become a communication-skills consultant, working with investment bankers, lawyers, and other professionals to improve their public speaking, interpersonal, sales, and business-writing skills.  He and a Dartmouth classmate founded their own firm, MacKenzie Brown LLC, in 2005.

Jamie became an unofficial clergy spouse in 2000 after meeting Barrie Bates.  They made it official in Toronto in 2005.  As Barrie pursued his graduate studies and worked in various parishes over the years, Jamie has seen a staggeringly wide variety of worship styles and parish personalities.  You would be amazed.  He has also volunteered in a large number of roles.  Now that Barrie and Jamie have moved full-time to Council Tree Cottage near Cross Village, they are both delighted to find such a welcoming church family at Emmanuel parish in Petoskey.  


Rusty Carpenter

Pastoral Care Liaison

Rusty Carpenter and his wife, Pam, have been attending Emmanuel since 2009, splitting their time between Petoskey and Tampa, FL. At Emmanuel, Rusty is a member of the choir and more recently a member of the Pastoral Care Committee.

From a career standpoint, he was a reporter and editor of United Press International and then IBM corporate communications. Locally, he and Pam are active in the Bay View Association and a number of civic organizations.

  • Raised in Louisville, KY, graduated in 1966 from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in biology
  • Reporter/editor United Press International 1966-1981
  • IBM manager then director corporate communications 1981-2000
  • Director of communications for AimNet, a network computing startup acquired by a company in India, 2000-2004
  • Director of operations Hyde Park UMC in Tampa, FL, 2004-2008
  • Pam and I subsequently worked part-time in retirement as campgrounds hosts at the then-Petoskey KOA

In general, both of us have served in many capacities over the years in not-for-project agencies, boards, etc., most recently as Manna Food Project volunteers and me as treasurer of the Campus Club, a social organization at Bay View.


Terry Hebert

Worship & Liturgy Liaison

I grew up the son of a Methodist minister’s daughter and have been part of this church most of my life.  The road to Emmanuel began with the good fortune of marrying Jennifer Huffman 15 years ago after my wife died.  When I met Jennifer, she showed me her old homes in Petoskey and I fell in love with both her and Petoskey.  I soon discovered she is well known in Petoskey as the mother of Trever and D2, both with skills in basketball and soccer. Thus, I developed my current identity as Jennifer’s husband.  A few years ago, I attended a service at Emmanuel because I wanted to hear the organ.  Organ music resonates deep in my soul as a direct link to spiritual praise and the organ music I heard swept over me with joy.  So much so, that I began taking organ lessons in my 70s under maestro Sir AndrĂ© Strydom:  world class teacher, director, performer, composer.  Did I mention he is also a multi-engine and instrument rated pilot and a cardiologist? Moreover, I also found a most loving, caring and spiritually centered community. 

As a brief historical sketch, I graduated from Wayne State University with an MD degree followed by a family practice residency in Detroit and then practiced in Grand Haven, Michigan for many years delivering over 1000 babies.  I then entered the USAF as a flight surgeon due to my conviction I needed to serve my country since I had been deferred to go to medical school when my buddies went to Viet Nam.  I retired as a Colonel after a wonderful USAF career including a second residency in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics.  I then joined the VA as chief of primary care in Biloxi MS and then moved back to Michigan as chief of primary care in the Saginaw VA system.   I am now fully retired.

In our Emmanuel community, I find deep resonance with Rev. Kay’s passion and deep spiritual understanding.  More recently, Betsy Lawrence’s adult forum energizes  Christian community.  I have learned more about Emmanuel’s wonderful members by being a host of a progressive dinner and coffee hour.  Mary Street has also inspired me to be a lay weeder and other developing outside skills.  And, of course, the beauty of great music.                            


Dianna Heinzelman

Parish Life Liaison

My work life has been primarily in the arts since I was a child. Professionally as a Classical Ballet Dancer, actor, singer, writer of plays, and ballets, director, designer, stage make up, a bit of film, radio, and television. I've also owned a half interest in an Indianapolis insurance agency as well as sole owner of a small cafe in Petoskey, and sole owner of a dance studio in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  I also painted houses while raising my children of 3 and 9 as I attended 6 years of university. I sold Real Estate for 5 plus years in the Sault until I formed a nonprofit board, and purchased an abandoned theatre. It was at this time that I hired several teachers while developing an Arts School. I went back to teaching dance, and theatre.  Since retiring, and moving back to Petoskey, I've been singing for Emmanuel, Choral Society, and GLCO Choir.

I first attended Emmanuel, and sang in choir in 1981. I also sang at the St. Ignace Episcopal Church as well as three Anglican Churches in Ontario. I recently returned to Petoskey and Emmanuel in October of 2018 after being away for 23 years. There's no place like home.

I am presently singing in the choir, a member of the Pastoral Care Committee, the Outreach Committee, and participate, when time allows, in the Women's book study, prayer, meditation group.

GOD often directs me through people, so when a few people asked to consider running for Vestry, I gave my usual 24 hours to think, and pray about it.  A clear Yes came out of those 24 hours.


Heather Rauenhorst

Communication Workgroup Liaison

Hi! I'm Heather, and I am delighted to be serving my first term on Emmanuel's Vestry. I have found Emmanuel to be a place of warm welcome and inclusion for all, and I feel privileged to be able to worship and serve here with such a lovely faith community.

My husband Mike and I met and married in Fairbanks, Alaska, where we both lived for over 30 years. After earning a BA in English and an MBA from the University of Alaska, my early career included positions as a 5th grade teacher, grant writer, youth program manager, data analyst, events planner, program evaluator, ESL instructor, community partnership coordinator, operations manager, and development director. I served in the Alaska Air National Guard and spent 16 years with the school district in Fairbanks, finishing in 2020 as an executive director overseeing communications and media relations as well as grants, partnerships, and community engagement.

In 2020, after launching our four older kids into the world, we moved with our two youngest children to a small farm where we practice regenerative agriculture.  In addition to the farm, we have another small business helping nonprofits with grants and evaluations. When I'm not working with clients or doing farm chores, I stay busy working on a novel, being a terrible gardener, and volunteering at my kids' school. I like learning new things and taking on new challenges, and I hope I can bring creative energy and my love of people to my roles here at Emmanuel.      


Hal Lawrence, Treasurer

I was a practicing physician for over 40 years, first in private practice in Asheville, NC and then as staff and ultimately CEO of the national medical society for my specialty, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

I’ve had a home in Northern Michigan on Burt Lake since 1984. In January 2019 I fully retired and relocated here full time. My spouse Betsy and I were married in July 2018 in the chapel at Emmanuel. Between us we have 4 adult children with spouses and 5 school age grandchildren.

We had been attending services when we visited our home for several years. We felt immediately and warmly welcomed by all parishioners and knew this would be our spiritual home.

Raised a Methodist in Muncie IN, I attended Methodist churches until 2007 when I moved to DC and attended Western Presbyterian Church, eventually serving on the session (similar to a vestry in the Episcopal Church.) I am honored and humbled to be asked to serve Emmanuel.



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