We care for one another in many ways at Emmanuel. We pray daily through our Prayer Chain, and each Sunday at our services for those who are sick or in a time of crisis. Clergy and lay volunteers visit parishioners in the hospital or at home, and take Holy Communion to those who can no longer make it to church on Sunday. Pastoral care is also an integral part of each of our ministries in our program model of ministry. Pastoral care takes many forms but it is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian community.

Rev. Kay Houck, our Rector, along with Sharyn Olliffe and Nina Wagar, the Co-Leaders of the Pastoral Care Ministry Group, meet as needed to discuss the pastoral needs of the parish and to evaluate the care we offer. We work together with a variety of ministry groups to ensure that parishioners receive what they need in times of sorrow and times of celebration. We encourage you to let us know when an illness, death, transition or joyful event, such as a baby's birth, occurs in your life.

Pastoral Care

This is the opportunity to have someone from your parish family walk with you during spiritually critical moments in our lives. We sometimes need a shoulder to lean on, someone to listen, or spiritual hear the voice of God through one of our brothers or sisters in faith. This often happens when we are dealing with illness or surgery, or with personal or family crisis.

Pastoral Emergencies

In an emergency, if someone is in the hospital or has an urgent need to see a priest, you may reach The Reverend Kay Houck at the church office number 231-347-2350 ext. 111.

Home Communion

Just because you are not able to attend church, you are no less a member of the Body of Christ! If you are not able to make it to a weekly service and would still like to receive communion, please contact us via our online contact form or call the parish office at 347-2350.  We have a group of people who would love to visit you with this sacrament.

Recent Deaths

If you know of someone who is connected with the parish, either a past member or friend or relative of a member, or just someone associated with the life of the parish, please contact us via our online contact form or call the parish office at 347-2350 so that we can pray for them in the life of the Emmanuel.



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