In the summer of 1876, the first Bishop of the newly-formed Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan visited Petoskey, and could find only one person who identified with the Episcopal tradition. In January of 1877, the first Episcopal service was held, using the building of the German Methodist Church. In August of 1877, the Bishop visited again, held a service in a hotel parlor, and the "Emmanuel Mission" was begun with fifteen members.

In 1888, Emmanuel bought property at the corner of Mitchell and Waukazoo Streets (where the Petoskey Library is now), and in 1890 moved into its own building.

In 1906, Emmanuel became a regular parish, though still with mission support from the Diocese. Our pews, the pulpit, and other furniture were bought about this time.

In 1945, Emmanuel became self-sustaining, without financial support from the Diocese.

By 1955, the parish had grown to two hundred members.

In December of 1957, Emmanuel purchased a home on three acres at 1020 East Mitchell from the John Family. The house was designed after a house EEC in England, and built of reinforced concrete, because the John Family owned the cement plant.

In January of 1958, the Vestry announced a building campaign: "It now becomes our privilege to build for the present and for the future an adequate physical structure to further the work of Christ's Church among us."

In the fall of 1961, the parish moved up the hill to our current site, and in 1962 added the sanctuary. The stained glass windows were given as memorial gifts, notably in memory of The Reverend Dudley Burr, members of the John and Reycraft families, and author Ernest Hemingway.


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