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Join us this year for the Annual EEC Picnic on July 16 after the 10am Service!



Volume 9 Issue 7




Dear Beloved in Christ,


If you're interested in Confirmation classes, please RSVP to me as soon as possible by emailing The preparatory classes will include 8 sessions, 90 minutes each in length. The purpose of these gatherings is to become immersed in the Baptismal Covenant and to explore what is distinctive about the Episcopal Church. The journey is one that emphasizes collective wisdom, spiritual transformation, and the story of our shared faith. Zoom is available for those who wish to participate remotely.


Confirmation is scheduled for Saturday, September 16 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Alpena. Once I have received the list of participants, I'll be in touch with you to figure out what day and time works best to convene the group. We will plan to meet 8 times prior to September 16.


The 2024 Confirmation dates have not yet been released. But, if this season doesn't work for you, rest assured that classes will be offered again in the new year.


Please also feel welcome to connect with me to ask questions about the process.


Yours in Christ,







After a loved one dies, family members often find themselves confronted with a plethora of decisions to make during a time when they are already feeling tender. Pre-planning your funeral is a gift you can give your family, in the sense that it allows them to move through their grief without making these additional decisions. It also allows your family and friends to hear the songs and stories from scripture that mean so much to you. In other words, it’s a way to leave behind a message of love and hope.


Both Rev. Kay and André are available to help you discern and record your funeral planning choices. We also have forms to guide you through the planning process. Upon completion, we request that you return a copy to the church for safekeeping, in addition to storing a copy with your important documents at home (and make sure your family members know where this location is).


If you’ve previously submitted a file to the church office, you may want to review it to ensure it’s up to date. Contact Teressa at to check your file.






The Vestry met Monday evening June 19. The meeting was very productive. Our finances continue to track on budget with some expenses underbudget! Mark Thompson, Todd Petersen and David Farley are doing our required internal audit this month. Jamie MacKenzie updated us on the kitchen renovation. We are hopeful that the new cabinets will be in by month’s end. The dumpster is to be removed this Thursday.


In response to the excellent Adult Forum program, presented by Jamie MacKenzie entitled “Windows into Our Past”, the Vestry approved announcing a funding opportunity to help with the restoration, framing and installation costs. We encourage you to contribute the next two Sundays, so we will once again be able to enjoy these beautiful windows.


The Vestry also approved a raffle for the vintage diamond ring given to Emmanuel by the estate of Abigal Rose Bathrick. Many of you are aware we have had this ring in our safe for years. The ring’s appraised value is $2,900.00. You will be able to purchase chances for a drawing to be held in the upcoming months. Each chance costs $100.00. There will be pictures of the ring posted and the ring may be seen during church office hours. We will need to sell at least 20 chances to justify the drawing. Hope you participate and have a chance to own a piece of Emmanuel history.


Our By-Laws have been updated and were approved by the Vestry. They will go to our Annual Meeting in January for Parish approval and adoption.


The Vestry approved proceeding with ordering the new Columbarium. This purchase will add 32 spaces. There is currently only one left. The plan is to have the new Columbarium installed by Fall. Spaces are for sale for $500.00.


The Versiti Blood Drive coordinated by Pam Carpenter was very successful. Eighteen units of blood and blood products were collected.


Respectfully Submitted,


Hal Lawrence, Senior Warden





Sundays at 9 a.m. July 16 — August 20, 2023


A group discussion, based on the book by Magrey R. deVega


In the gospels, Jesus asks 307 questions, and he answers only three. His questions are factual, interpretative, and evaluative in nature. We will explore some of the more profound evaluative questions in this series—seeking to reflect on the biggest and toughest questions we each had to answer in our life, pondering how difficult it is to ask questions of our own faith, and what we hope emerges from this study for our spiritual life and commitment to follow Jesus.




What a great year of good reading Books and Beyond has enjoyed! From September 2022 to June 2023 our books had us traveling from Savannah to Niagara Falls, from America's west to the streets of London. We've"traveled" by horse and by air. And lots in between.


Our latest read "Too Close to the Falls" is set in the mid 50's in Lewiston, New York, a sleepy town near Niagara Falls. Divorce is unheard of, mothers wear high heels to the beauty shop and TV has only just arrived. We had a spirited discussion about Catherine Gildiner's memoir, much of which made us laugh, but also found us frightened by her shenanigans!


We now will enjoy our summer "break" and then gear back up in September. Until then, happy reading whether you're at the beach on a sunny warm day (I DO think they're coming) or tucked into your favorite chair on a rainy day.





We hope that you are enjoying the beautiful warm weather with your friends and family. How blessed we are to be living in Northern Michigan with all of our beaches, parks and lakes to explore. Taking time to relax outdoors refreshes both our souls and spirits, which is vital to our overall health and well-being.


Our Pastoral Care ministry does not meet during the summer months, but we stay in touch with each other through phone calls and emails. We are always available, so please connect with us if you are facing a challenge or need some extra support.


Pastoral Care is the shared responsibility of both Reverend Kay and the church laity. We continue to support each other and especially those in need. Please remember that we offer support by giving rides to appointments, delivering meals, reaching out to our parish members through cards and phone cards, and ongoing prayers for peace, joy, and healing.


If you are in need or know of someone in need, please reach out to Sharyn at 248.909.5862, Nina at231.881.2630, Rev. Kay at 231.487.2199 or Teressa 231.347.2350 ext. 110 in the church office.




The Women's Gathering is on hiatus this summer and will reconvene in September. We will continue to use The Gift of Years by Sister Joan Chittister, OSB. Look for an announcement in August.


From Betsy Lawrence





Dear Emmanuel Episcopal Church Family:


First, let me say thank you to all of you for the wonderful Special Retirement Coffee Hour held on Sunday, June 4, 2023. What a fantastic way to celebrate with you and my family! Special thanks to Pam Carpenter and Mary Thompson for organizing the event!


Second, as many of you know from experience, retirement is not the end but a new adventure. Kevin and I will begin our retirement by enjoying what Northern Michigan has to offer this summer. We will not leave the area immediately but in time we will make our way down to warmer waters. We hope to put our house on the market in Spring 2024. Our plan is to be ready to “cruise” off into the sunset at the end of Summer 2024. I am sure by know y’all know I despise the cold and snow and have even convinced Kevin how “terrible” it is – so we need to be out of Michigan before Winter 2024.


With that being said, I would like to thank you all for being a part of my journey. I cannot believe it has been almost 11 years - Emmanuel is the longest I have stayed at one place my whole career! It has been a pleasure as well as a labor of love working with all of you. Your friendship and support have been a constant source of inspiration, and I will cherish the memories we have made together. EEC truly is my Church Family.


I will miss y’all and wish nothing but the best to all of you. I look forward to the time and place where our paths cross again.


With much gratitude and love,






  • July 2 - Blaky Grannis

  • July 4 - Dane Tollas

  • July 5 - Mike Rauenhorst

  • July 9 - Mary Street

  • July 12 - Besty Lawrence

  • July 13 - Bob Utter

  • July 16 - Gery Willey

  • July 17 - Nancy Turner

  • July 18 - Avery Sears

  • July 20 - David Lamarche

  • July 22 - Kathy Petersen

  • July 23 - John Agria

  • July 27 - Franz Neubrecht

  • July 21 - Claire Rauenhorst

  • July 6 - Hal & Betsy Lawrence

  • July 12 - Mark & Mary Thompson

  • July 17 - Borge & Hennie Reimer

  • July 24 - Matthew & Sarah Baughman

  • July 27 - Andy & Susie Spence

  • July 29 - David & Sue Droste




July 2

  • Dennis McGeath, Eucharistic

    Minister & Lector

  • Nina Wagar, Greeter/Usher

  • Andre Strydom, A/V Producer


July 9

  • Josie Cabana, Eucharistic


  • Nina Wagar, Lector

  • Gary Osterbeck, Greeter/Usher

  • Andre Strydom, A/V Producer

July 16

  • Kathy Audia, Eucharistic

    Minister & Lector

  • Joe Audia, Greeter/Usher

  • Andre Strydom, A/V Producer

July 23

  • Dennis McGeath, Eucharistic

    Minister & Lector

  • Bruce & Cameron Koch, Greeters/Ushers

  • Andre Strydom, A/V Producer


July 30

  • Josie Cabana, Eucharistic


  • Nina Wagar, Lector

  • Joan Holec, Greeters/Ushers

  • Andre Strydom, A/V Producer




10:00 a.m.



  • Marlyn Graham and Tim Tippett, Eucharistic Minister

  • Deacon Kathy Hand

  • Taya and Parker Price-Thatcher, Acolytes

  • Steve Selden, Lector

  • Ashley and Wendy Price,


  • D J Jones, A/V Producer

  • Maryln Graham, Altar Guild

  • Bob Howse, Plate Coordinator

  • Dianna Heinzelman, Announcements

  • Nancy Turner, EEC Gardner of the Week

  • Bruce & Nancy Turner, Coffee Hour


  • Marlyn Graham and Judy Rhynard, Eucharistic Minister

  • David Kuckleman, Lector

  • Rusty Carpenter,


  • Jay & Pat Emmendorfer, Greeters/Ushers

  • David Farley, A/V Producer

  • Sandy Selden, Altar Guild

  • David Farley, Plate Coordinator

  • Jay & Pat Emmendorfer, EEC Gardner of the Week

  • Gary & Mary Street, Coffee Hour


  • Betsy Lawrence and Tim Tippett, Eucharistic Minister

  • David Comer, Lector

  • Bruce & Nancy Turner,


  • Jay Emmendorfer, A/V Producer

  • Judy Rhynard, Altar Guild

  • Bruce Booth, Plate Coordinator

  • Sandy Sutton, Announcement

  • TBD, EEC Gardner of the Week

  • A/S Spence and The Longworths, Coffee Hour at the BBQ



  • Julie Eckhardt and Judy Rhynard, Eucharistic Minister

  • Deacon Kathy Hand

  • Daphne Weston, Lector

  • Barrie Bates & Jamie MacKenzie, Greeters/Ushers

  • Bruce Turner, A/V Producer

  • TBD, Altar Guild

  • A/S Spence, Plate Coordinator

  • Heather Rauenhorst, Announcements

  • Pastoral Care Committee, Coffee Hour

  • TBD, EEC Gardener of the Week


  • Judy Rhynard and Ann Warfield, Eucharistic Minister

  • Deacon Kathy Hand

  • Sharyn Olliffe, Lector

  • Ginny King and Joan Neubrecht, Greeters/Ushers

  • Connie Booth, A/V Producer

  • TBD, Altar Guild

  • Bob Howse, Plate Coordinator

  • Terry Hebert, Announcements

  • Bruce & Connie Booth, Coffee Hour

  • TBD, EEC Gardener of the Week




EEC Calendar

JULY 2023

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  • Hal Lawrence, Sr. Warden

  • Jamie MacKenzie, Jr. Warden

  • Mary Street, Clerk

  • Dottie Hawthorne

  • Dianna Heinzelman

  • Sandy Sutton

  • Rusty Carpenter

  • Terrell Hebert

  • Heather Rauenhorst



  • Rector - The Reverend Kay M. Houck

  • Director of Music Ministries - Dr. Andre Strydom

  • Office Manager - Teressa Kyser

  • Nursery Care Provider - Lindsey McVicker



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