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Volume 8 Issue 7



Dear Beloved in Christ,

As of July 1, we enter Phase 3 of the Plan for Re-Entry for Great Lakes Episcopalians. I realize this news will be met with varying emotions, ranging from excitement and relief to cation and concern. No matter what you are feeling, I hope you will keep this thought at the forefront of your mind: We have enough love among us to find our way.

So, what might you expect from EEC gatherings under Phase 3? Here are some of the key points:

-Capacity restrictions have been lifted. You do not need to RSVP for worship, though you will still be asked to sign in when entering the building.

-Masks are optional, though encouraged for the more vulnerable among us. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask indoors or in crowded spaces, please continue to do so. If you are ready to go without a mask, you also have that option.

-People from different households are welcome to sit together.

-For the time being, we will continue with no-touch alternatives for the passing of the peace and offertory.

-Communion will continue to be offered in one kind, meaning wafers will be distributed and one person will receive the cup on behalf of the community. I will continue to wear my mask while distributing communion. We also plan to reopen the altar rails.

-Nursery will be offered during the 10am service. Please stay tuned for an official start date.

-Food may be served at Coffee Hour, with one person will be designated as a server. Weather permitting, Coffee Hour will continue outside so people passing by will see us having a good time together. On rainy days, Coffee Hour will take place inside.

-Worship will continue to be livestreamed to our website. If you are interested in serving as A/V Producer, we are happy to arrange a training for you!

There is an old saying, “The only constant in life is change.” As we go along, we will adapt practices as may be fitting. In the meantime, I trust your kindness and generosity of spirit will continue to shape Emmanel as a vibrant community, rooted in love of God and love of neighbor. Our fellowship is truly a gift to be experienced and to be shared!




Campfire Chats with Rev. Kay

In October of last year, I hosted a (slightly rainy) campfire chat in the backyard of the church. Now that summer is here, I'd like to try again! To begin, I'm offering two dates: Saturday, July 17 and Wednesday, July 21. Both events will take place from 6:30-8:00pm. We do have some Adirondack chairs in the garage. But, if you have a favorite lawn chair, you might want to bring it with you. Matthew and I will provide the firewood and components for s'mores. No RSVPs are necessary; just stop by for a relaxed evening with EEC friends!






I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying some great summer weather. It has been fun seeing more people in church on Sundays and at other events during the week including Holy Cows softball on Friday Nights.

What wonderful news in the diocese regarding Covid guidelines. Beginning July 1 ALL restrictions will be lifted as we enter phase 3 of the reentry plan. The reentry committee will be meeting to get final plans in place so that we all may worship together without masks or social distancing (unless you prefer to observe these guidelines on your own. Coffee hours have resumed (coffee only) outdoors, but snacks, treats, etc will be allowed soon.

It has been a long 14 months but we have survived and will soon be able to gather as a church family as pre-pandemic.

Have a blessed, safe and enjoyable summer. I hope that we see many more of you return and finally get to meet our new rector. She started mid pandemic and is anxiously waiting to meet and get to know each and everyone.


Bruce Turner, Sr. Warden



Spring/Summer is here. We are all enjoying to gorgeous weather Northern Michigan is famous for. The work on our Church building and grounds continues. While May had more visible projects, June is equally productive. By the end of next week, we will have multiple bids on the paving repairs needed for our exit drive and the two sink “holes” in the front drive. Hopefully, the paving will be done late July.

Dave McBride continues to be helpful addressing our building’s leaks. Repairs to the rubberized segment of our roof are being addressed. We will present this fall estimates to cap the limestone parapet walls.

Thanks to Mary Street and her gardening crew, our grounds are beautiful. We appreciate all the lay volunteers who are watering and weeding.

Frank Hawthorne and Karel House continue to shepherd our facility repairs. Our boilers continue to be problematic. There will be more to come on this issue.

Thanks to Leah Cell for all her efforts in coordinating these projects.

Respectfully submitted,

Hal Lawrence



My name is Lauren Liebler and you may know me as a member of our Vestry. However, what you may not know, is that I am one of the faculty mentors for the Cheetos Club, a kindness club at Petoskey High School. Some of you may have noticed the sign as you enter the church stating that EEC is a supporter of the Cheetos Club. I thought it might be helpful for those of you unfamiliar with the club to give you a little background.

The Cheetos Club was inspired by the kindness of Spencer Tibbits. Spencer was a student at Petoskey High School who quietly looked for ways to empathize and show kindness to students going through rough times. The extent of his example was not truly realized until his death on his 17th birthday. One story of Spencer’s kindness that has really resonated with students is a time he consoled a struggling student simply by taking a bag of Cheetos from his backpack and telling the student, “Nobody can be sad while eating Cheetos.” The Cheetos Club is a group of students who carry out acts of kindness in his honor by “Planning To Be Kind.”

The group meets every Friday after school to plan ways to spread kindness. Some of the initiatives include giving every student at PHS a goodie bag on their birthday, providing blankets and self-care items to students who are struggling with mental and emotional health, providing treats for teachers, helping the elementary schools start up their own kindness clubs, among other things.

The Cheetos Club does not receive any funding for these kindness initiatives through the school system. We are solely able to do what we do through donations from wonderful people and organizations like, Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Thank you for the support and allowing us to continue planning to be kind!

Lauren Liebler, Drafting Teacher | Petoskey High School


Glorious Gardens

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers, Emmanuel's gardens once more feature the signature red geraniums along Mitchell Street. With the collective efforts, debris was cleared, fertilizer added and mulch put in place. The Mulchfest was a huge success. In 90 minutes there were 10 yards of mulch spread by 17 hard working volunteers ranging in age from 4 to 82! Pentecost flower donations completed the efforts Now the bright geraniums grace the gardens and the yellow daylilies will soon add color to the space.

[Pictured at Left: Ellis Hagan, Bob Howse and Dottie Hawthorne

MulchFest 2021 Participants [not pictured: Balky Grannis and Mary Street]

MulchFest 2021 Participants [not pictured: Balky Grannis and Mary Street]



Calling all Parishioners! Ushers/Greeters are wanted and needed for both the 8:00am and 10:00am services. It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s a great and convenient way to serve our church. The more teams that we have, the less often any one team has the duties. If you are willing and able to serve as usher/greeter, please e-mail Joe Audia at

Thank you in advance for volunteering!


Books and Beyond

So many books, so little time! That’s an ongoing problem for Emmanuel’s Book Discussion Group. All of us who meet monthly, September through June, are rabid readers and coming up with our yearly schedule is always a challenge. So who are we? A group of Emmanualites who love to read and then discuss the chosen book. We are taking a hiatus right now, but will gear back up in September. Our group is open to everyone. You don’t need to possess any hidden talent – just a love of reading. Our kick off book for September 2021 is “Between Two Kingdoms” by Suleika Jaouad. This book is a searing, deeply moving memoir of illness and recovery that traces Suleika’s journey from diagnosis to remission then re-entry into “normal life.” Jaouad is the author of the “Life, Interrupted” column in the New York Times. Plan ahead and mark your calendar for Monday, September 13 at 2pm. Location is to be determined. For information on Books and Beyond contacts Nancy Turner at





Celebration time!

It is hard to believe that the “Thursday Lunch Program “has been in operation for 15 years and we would like everyone to help us celebrate.

July 22nd at 1st Presbyterian Church we will have an open house and potluck at 1pm right after the regular lunch program. Please RSVP by July 20th to Pam Carpenter or 813 390 0208

If you have not seen the new facilities at 1st Pres this will provide you a chance to do that and mingle with the other volunteers from EEC and Cross of Christ

July 25th at EEC coffee hour we will be celebrating all our Outreach projects especially the lunch program’s 15th anniversary.

Discernment continues for the Wood Family Estate final bequeath. We are continuing to focus on local needs as much as possible. DJ Jones will meet with us at our August 2nd meeting to help us focus on different giving practices.

Our Emmanuel Episcopal Garden, Soul Food, was planted on June 13th. Rev. Kay provided a blessing for good growth and spiritual interaction with the soil and soul. A sign-up sheet is posted on the Emmanuel Community bulletin for individuals to commit to weeding once a week. Thanks to all the helping hands who helped in the planting process.

WE are taking the monthly meeting in July off due to the proximity of our meeting to the 4th of July. WE will resume on August 2.

Submitted by Co-Chairs of Outreach – Shirley Burns and Dottie Hawthorne Contributions from Pam Carpenter


Pastoral Care Ministry - July 2021


Joyful God, we thank you for this time together. We thank for the sun in the sky, the cool water, and the sand. We thank you for yummy snacks, buckets, pails, and beach umbrellas. We thank you for our family, our friends and the lifeguards who keep us safe. We ask that you bless us on this beautiful day, and we praise you for this beautiful Creation that you have entrusted to us. Amen


This summer, our Pastoral Care Ministry continues to ask God to bless our parish family, our community, our nation and our world with health, love, and compassion for each other. We are ready to bring hope and love to anyone who is isolated and in need of support. Our members are always ready to lend a listening ear and to share conversations that bring us closer together in fellowship.

Pastoral Care is the shared responsibility of both Reverend Kay and the church laity. We continue to support each other and especially those in need. Please remember that we offer support by giving rides to appointments, delivering meals, reaching out to our parish members through cards and phone cards, and ongoing prayers for peace, joy, and healing.

If you are in need or know of someone in need, please reach out to Sharyn at 248.909.5862, Nina at 231.881.2630, Rev. Kay at 231.487.2199 or Leah 231.347.2350 ext. 110 in the church office.



  • July 2 Balky Grannis

  • July 4 Dane Tollas

  • July 9 Mary Street

  • July 12 Betsy Lawrence

  • July 13 Bob Utter

  • July 16 Gery Willey

  • July 17 Lynn Duse

  • July 17 Nancy Turnjer

  • July 18 Avery Sears

  • July 18 Scott Sheperd

  • July 20 David Lamarche

  • July 21 Gina Cook

  • July 22 Kathy Petersen

  • July 22 William Scott

  • July 23 John Agria

  • July 27 Franz Neubrecht


  • July 6

    Hal & Betsy Lawrence

  • July 12

    Mark & Mary Thompson

  • July 17

    Borge & Hennie Reimer

  • July 21

    Scott & Bethany Fisher

  • July 27

    Andy & Susie Spence

  • July 29

    David & Sue Droste


RITE I - 8 a.m. Service Schedule

July 4

  • Kathy Audia, LEM

  • Julie Eckhardt, Lector

  • Joan Holec, Greeter/Usher

July 11

  • Dennis McGeath, LEM

  • Parker Marshall, Lector

  • Katie MacInnis, Greeter/Usher

July 18

  • Lynn Duse, LEM

  • Nina Wager, Lector

  • Joe Audia, Greeter/Usher

July 25

  • Kathy Audia, LEM

  • Katie MacInnis, Lector

  • Dennis McGeath, Greeter/Usher


RITE II - 10 a.m. Service Schedule

July 4

  • Tim Tippett, LEM

  • Ann Warfield, Lector

  • Ashley Price, Greeter/Usher

  • Steve Selden, Greeter/Usher

  • Bruce Turner, VPOW

  • Matthew Neddo, A/V Producer

  • David Farley, Plate Coordinator

  • Maryln Graham, Altar Guild

  • EEC Staff, Coffee Hour

  • Bruce & Nancy Turner, Lay Weeders/Waters

July 11

  • Betsy Lawrence, LEM

  • Hal , Lector

  • Bruce Turner, Greeter/Usher

  • Nancy Turner, Greeter/Usher

  • Ashley Price, VPOW

  • Julie Eckhard, A/V Producer

  • Franz Neubrecht, Plate Coordinator

  • Karel Howse, Altar Guild

  • TBD, Coffee Hour

  • The Webbs, Lay Weeders/Waters

July 18

  • Maryln Graham, LEM

  • Randy Evans, Lector

  • Barrie Bates, Greeter/Usher

  • Jamie MacKenzie, Greeter/Usher

  • Lauren Liebler, VPOW

  • Matthew Neddo, A/V Producer

  • Andy Spence, Plate Coordinator

  • Karel Howse, Altar Guild

  • TBD, Coffee Hour

  • The Seldens, Lay Weeders/Water

July 25

  • Josephine Cabana, LEM

  • Mary Catherine Hannah, Lector

  • Gary Street, Greeter/Usher

  • Mary Street, Greeter/Usher

  • Dennis McGeath, VPOW

  • Matthew Neddo, A/V Producer

  • Irene Hammill, Plate Coordinator

  • Maryln Graham, Altar Guild

  • TBD, Coffee Hour

  • The Emmendorfers, Lay Weeders/Waters


EEC Calendar


Click here for EEC Calendar



  • Bruce Turner, Sr. Warden

  • Hal Lawrence, Jr. Warden

  • Jay Emmendorfer, Clerk

  • Lauren Liebler

  • Ashley Price

  • Dennis McGeath

  • Sharyn Olliffe

  • Jamie MacKenzie

  • Mary Street



  • Rector - The Reverend Kay M. Houck

  • Director of Music Ministries - Dr. Andre Strydom

  • Office Manager - Leah Cell

  • Nursery Care Provider - Lindsey McVicker




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