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Rev. Kay blessing backpacks of the Emmanuel youth on Sunday, September 18, 2022.


Volume 8 Issue 10


Dear Beloved in Christ,

The Season of Stewardship is well under way. God’s gifts are at work among us, and we have so many reasons to rejoice in the abundance we know together:

  • On Saturday, October 1 at 11:00 AM we’ll bless our pets on the front lawn of Emmanuel. Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors!

  • A contemplative prayer group will begin on Tuesday, October 11 at 11:00 AM. Hosted by Julie Eckhardt, this offering is a powerful way to experience the breath of God in silence and stillness, while also sustained by the gift of community. See Julie’s enclosed announcement for more details.

  • Last month I mentioned the possibility of Adult Forum taking place on Sunday mornings. In this edition of the Harbinger, Betsy Lawrence offers an invitation to the first event on Sunday, October 16.

  • Also on October 16, Bishop Prince Singh will be visiting Emmanuel. Bishop Singh will preach at both services, with a festive coffee hour after the 10:00 AM service. Please come and welcome him.

  • On October 30, we’ll offer Trunk-or-Treat after 10:00 AM worship. Contact Leah in the church office to let her know if your household plans to participate (whether kids trick-or-treating and/or adults giving out candy). Adults—for extra fun, consider decorating your trunk or tailgate. If you want to go all in, wear a costume, too! Call Leah at 231-347-2350, ext 110 or email

  • If you missed my earlier email regarding the return to the common cup, check it out here.

God’s gifts show up in creativity, in hopeful acts, in moments of genuine connection, and in playfulness of spirit. They show up in new and existing ministries, in our hopes and dreams for the future, and in our celebration of what is, here and now. Joy abounds in the grateful heart, so pause today to give thanks. Then, may God send you forth in the power of blessing.

Gratefully Yours,




Your Vestry met Monday September 19. Mark Thompson, EEC Treasurer, joined us for the Financial Review. Our budget is tracking as predicted. We will have a deficit of approximately $20,000, primarily due to increasing utility expenses and building maintenance. The Vestry approved the report and a Finance recommendation to establish a Raymond James brokerage account to enable us to earn more interest by purchasing investment protected interest producing vehicles, as an example Federal T-Bills.

Betsy Lawrence presented the concept of an Adult Formation session between the 8 am and 10 am services. This is done in many Episcopal Churches around the country. Is not a Bible study or Book Review. Examples of potential programs were discussed. The current work group; Rev. Paul Greve, Dick Kelbaugh, Betsy Lawrence, Ginny Linnenberg, Dan Linnenberg, Sandy Sutton and Rev Kay: Ex-offico have developed an excellent plan. Your Vestry supported starting this in mid-October as a pilot.

Rev Kay updated us on the Bishop’s upcoming visit to Emmanuel. He will meet with the Vestry and have dinner with the Youth of Emmanuel. Rev. Kay reminded us of the Up North Summit at Saint Andrews in Gaylord on October the 8.

Jamie MacKenzie’s Junior Warden report reviewed the many accomplishments of the Liturgical Arts Committee and the evolution of the Betty Carlson Memorial Contemplative Rock Garden. The new EEC entry and exit signs look great and thanks again to Connie Booth.

My Senior Warden report highlighted the wonderful Progressive Dinner September 17 and thanked Kay Farrimond and her committee for an outstanding event. Next month we will start the second Annual Parish Review. The leaders of our ministries will join the Vestry in this evaluation. Next year the entire Parish will be involved in this process.

Sandy Sutton provided the Stewardship Committee report. Please see the Stewardship Report in this Harbinger. The Vestry thanks all those who have completed their pledge forms and encourages all others to please do so.

Wendy Armstrong is well on the way in updating our Memorial Book. She is even adding photographs. Thanks Wendy. Pam Carpenter works with the Versiti Blood Drive in Petoskey. At Pam’s request the Vestry approved allowing the use of Woods Hall next year for a one-day blood drive. The Versiti organization takes care of the signage, staffing and safety of the collection process.

There are so many wonderful and exciting activities going on at EEC. We should all be proud and thankful.

Respectfully submitted,

Hal Lawrence, Senior Warden


We are about 6 weeks into this year's campaign to fund our work in the world in 2023. Your Stewardship Committee set a goal of $360,000, a 15% increase from last year, from at least 95 giving households for this year. These goals are achievable if all will prayerfully consider what God is calling us to be and do as a community of faith and love in the coming year.

As of September 20, we have heard from 46 households who have committed to $140,300. Thank you to those who have responded. You can see we are not yet halfway to those reachable numbers. It is important that the Finance Committee and the Vestry hear from everyone earlier this year so that they make decisions on how to fund our work in 2023.

If you have not yet, please make your commitment at pledge today! Click the Ministries Tab and then Stewardship, then Pledge Form. Or return the forms in the envelope provided in the early September letter.

Our Reverend Kay preached a beautiful sermon last Sunday. It was about treasure and God and what Jesus might have meant in Luke's parables. It's about trusting God's abundance... always, and recognizing that ALL is sacred.

"It’s as though Jesus says, “while you’re thinking about how wonderful it is to be loved, welcomed, and forgiven, don’t forget that money plays a part in your relationship with God, too…because relationship with God encompasses everything."

Like it or not, we can’t separate our lives into sacred and profane. Sometimes it might seem easier to store parts of our lives in different boxes. But, it’s not how it works. We are called to be faithful in every moment, and to bring divine love into all we say and do, including how we use our money.”

Giving is a sacred act, sharing with others what has been given to use through God's loving abundance. Please take a moment and to make your commitment for 2023 here: 2023 Pledge

Rev. Kay continued:

“And so as he leaves it today, Jesus says you cannot serve God and wealth.

We can’t because they’re not supposed to be put in different boxes. They go together, and it is only through our relationship with God that we learn to trust in abundance. We learn to be grateful. We learn to stop counting, and give—because it’s the loving, generous, Christ-like thing to do; and it’s the only way compatible with God’s kingdom."

Thank you for making you commitment, trusting in God’s Abundance for all.

Stewardship Committee


There's a new Ministry in town! Starting Sunday, October 16th 9:00 - 9:45 AM in Wood's Hall we will be offering Adult Forums.

So what is an Adult Forum? Well, it's not a Bible Study. And it's not a Book Club. And it isn't Coffee Hour either, although there will be coffee available!

The Episcopal Church has a Formation Charter that states that, "God inspires all people... to develop new learning experiences, equipping disciples for life in a world of secular challenges and carefully listening for the words of modern sages who embody the teachings of Christ."

Think of it as the "hallway" conversations we have all the time, after service, before a meeting, while weeding the Soul Food Garden. We are exchanging ideas and learning about what others think. We will start with a short video and then questions will be posted on the topic and a lively discussion will ensue! Look for details in the bulletin and on our website soon!

All are welcome to attend, all you 8-o'clockers and 10-o'clockers gather for fellowship, discussion, and learning.





We’re looking for Coffee Hour Hosts for the months of October, November, and December. This ministry of hospitality involves arriving before church to start the coffee maker, providing simple snacks, and lingering until the kitchen has been cleaned up. If you're hosting Coffee Hour for the first time, we'll gladly give you a tour of the kitchen and show you how to use the coffee maker. Please sign up online by visiting or by calling Leah in the church office at 231-347-2350, ext 110.



During the Season of Stewardship, the Eucharistic Ministers invite you to share in worship leadership. Eucharistic Ministers participate in the service by carrying the cross or gospel book in procession, and by assisting the priest at the altar, including the distribution of chalice during communion. Eucharistic Ministers are scheduled no more than two times per month. Adults are also welcome to serve as torch bearers. Those interested may email Rev. Kay at to ask questions or sign up. Support and training will be offered to all new volunteers.



Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. in the Chapel

Imagine sitting together with other seekers, silently listening for the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

Beginning Tuesday, October 11 at 11:00 am, we will gather weekly in Emmanuel’s chapel for Lectio Divina and Silent Prayer. We will begin by reading the Gospel passage for the following Sunday three times. There will be silence between each reading, to allow your heart and mind to settle and become receptive. After the third reading, we will sit silently for 20 minutes. You will be provided a few tips and handouts to support your practice of silent prayer. After the prayer period, participants may wish to share a brief reflection. We will hold these comments in respectful silence, allowing the Holy Spirit to continue her work. We will conclude by noon.

Please consider joining us for one hour a week, to make space for loving attention to God.

For more info contact: Julie Eckhardt 231-590-2764 or


We want to thank all the Lay Weeders who kept our lovely gardens looking so well this summer: John & Mary Agria, Bruce & Connie Booth, Pam Carpenter, Jay & Pat Emmendorfer, Kay Goodman, Karol Howse, Judy Jenkins, Bill & Ginny King, Sandy & Steve Selden, Andy and Susie Spence, Mary Street, and Bruce & Nancy Turner. It takes a village and we are so grateful to those who share their time and talents in this way.

Soon the gardens will be going into hibernation, but we look forward to next spring when we can enjoy them again along with our “redesigned” fountain area.


Calling all bakers and cooks. We will be hosting a special potluck coffee hour on Oct 16th when The Rt. Rev. Prince Grenville Singh will be joining us for worship.

If you would like to provide a dish to share, please call or text Pam Carpenter no later than Monday, October 10th at 813 390 0208 or email to

Thank you.

Our Pastoral Care Ministray met in September and enjoyed learning about our member’s summer adventures and all the fun that was had during our beautiful Northern Michigan summer. Our porject for the summer has been updating our booklet, “Healing Prayers for You” which we give along with our prayer shawls to those we visit either in home or in the hospital. At our meeting we discussed some additional prayers which we will add, with the hope that our revisions will be completed by November.

We began a new book study this September as well! Our book for this season is

A Primer in Pastoral Care-by Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner. The author presents her image of pastoral care as “the interplay of God, love of neighbor and love of self”. Each chapter ends with a question for us to reflect upon and discuss as a group. This month we discussed, “What is your most meaningful memory of receiving pastoral care?”

Over the summer our ministry team visited a church member who was hospitalized, provided meals to a member recovering from surgery, and provided transportation to follow-up doctor visits. We also sent many cards and prayers to those who needed support and encouragement. During this season of Stewardship, we welcome anyone who wishes to join us in doing God’s work.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20th at 2:00 at EEC.

Pastoral Care is the shared responsibility of both Reverend Kay and the church laity. We continue to support each other and especially those in need by giving rides to appointments, delivering meals, reaching out to our parish members through cards and phone calls, and with ongoing prayers for peace, joy, and healing.

If you are in need or know of someone in need, please reach out to: Sharyn at 248.909.5862, Nina at 231.881.2630, Rev. Kay at 231.487.2199, or Leah at 231.347.2350 ext. 110 in the church office.


Suffice it to say that last week's Progressive Dinner was a great success! About 60 people gathered in parishioner's homes to enjoy hearty food and wonderful fellowship. Thanks to everybody who participated and a special big thanks to all of you who hosted either hors d'oeuvres or the main course.

  • Susie and Andy Spence

  • Sandy and Steve Selden

  • Pam and Rusty Carpenter

  • Moon Seagren

  • Dottie and Frank Hawthorne

  • Mary and Mark Thompson

  • Kay and Mike Farrimond

  • Louise and Bill Graham

  • Jennifer and Terry Hebert

We ended the evening all gathering together to enjoy amazing desserts at the charming Farm House Vineyards. It was a beautiful evening filled with a lot of laughs, smiles, and fellowship.

Due to Covid, the committee was faced with some unexpected last minute shuffling. But as is usually the case, it all worked out well, though we missed those of you who had to back out. Take heart, I don't think this will be a "one and done" event!

With gratitude and thanks,

The Progressive Dinner Committee

Barrie Bates

Kay Farrimond

Nancy Turner


The Women's Gathering, a contemplative group for women, reconvened in September with an in-person gathering at the home of Kay Farrimond. The group will be using as a spiritual tool the book, The Gift of Years ( by Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB. We will be meeting via Zoom through the autumn and winter, every two weeks beginning Friday, October 30th. All women are welcome. Please contact Betsy Lawrence,, to learn more about the Women's Gathering and to receive a link to the Zoom.


  • Hal Lawrence, Sr. Warden

  • Jamie MacKenzie, Jr. Warden

  • Dottie Hawthorne, Clerk

  • Dennis McGeath

  • Sharyn Olliffe

  • Bruce Turner

  • Dianna Heinzelman

  • Mary Street

  • Sandy Sutton


  • Rector - The Reverend Kay M. Houck

  • Director of Music Ministries - Dr. Andre Strydom

  • Office Manager - Leah Cell

  • Nursery Care Provider - Lindsey McVicker


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