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Annual Giving

Stewardship at Emmanuel Episcopal

Why Give?

At Emmanuel, we recognize that financial stewardship is a vital component of a balanced spiritual life. Each fall, the Stewardship Cell sponsors a pledge drive, asking parishioners to make a financial commitment for the following year. These commitments help the Vestry build a budget that will support our mission, staff, building complex and the financial gifts we make to our community and the diocese. Annual pledges support the majority of what we do and are at Emmanuel, from paying salaries to supporting our outreach ministries to making possible our youth programs, liturgical and music offerings.

How Much to Give?

Determining the amount of your annual pledge—your tithe to the church—is between you, your family and God. When we pledge we are making an offering of a portion of our wealth that we give to God's work. Historically, the tithe meant the first 10th of the harvest that was offered up to God. In Exodus, God tells Moses: "Thou shalt not delay to offer the first of thy ripe fruits." Today, a tithe is 10 percent of your income and we urge all members of the Emmanuel family to work toward this goal. We simply ask each parishioner to make a pledge that is both responsible and significant based on his or her financial situation.

When to Give?

A pledge is what you commit to donate to Emmanuel in the coming fiscal year. We ask everyone to make a pledge on or before the "Ingathering of Pledges" service by bringing a pledge card to church, mailing it or sending an e-mail to the Stewardship Cell. You may also choose to complete an online pledge form. Pledge information is mailed or given to members following the Stewardship Campaign, in order to give everyone time to consider their pledge for the coming year. In addition, pledge amounts can be changed at anytime should personal circumstances keep you from fulfilling your pledge or should you decide to increase your pledge for any reason. Simply pick up a new pledge card from the office or go to the online giving page.

Online Pledge Form

If you would like to participate in Emmanuel's Electronic Funds Transfer (E-Giving), please contact the Church Office at (231) 347-2350 for more details.


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